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The July LL interview Edwina Cormican Kelly

1 Comment Date: 08 Jul 2019 Blog: Lisa Lane

Edwina Cormican Kelly is a professional make-up Artist with 13+years in the industry .

You can find her in Brown Thomas, and she also does freelance work.

Edwina! This was so much fun- I miss our chats, I always learn so much, plus we always have good fun. You're at the top of your game in the make-up industry but also just a great teacher, so Im going to ask loads of questions.Lets begin!  

1-Your name is synonymous with luxury at Brown Thomas - did you start at the top or did you have any other jobs pre BT. 

Well I actually I completed a degree in business, in GMIT before I decided to study beauty therapy part time. Through this I did some salon work but my main passion was always make up. I began working for a dream luxury brand in Brown Thomas Galway nearly 13 years ago. Through this company I achieved amazing qualifications and experience. It has opened the door for me in the make up industry to meet some truly talented make up artists and continually learn from them.

2- When you train and work with the best (and you have)it cant but influence your skill-

So! To contour or not to contour? Thoughts?

Always always contour!!!! I mean I’m not talking about Kim K chiseled within a inch of your life kinda style but more a soft sun kissed touch.  It offers such beauty and dimensions to the face when done correctly.  I always say to clients, if I’m doubt start light and build if needed! I find personally CHANEL Soeil tan de CHANEL the most amazing product for this. Fab on all skin types! 

3-Who ,in your opinion always nails it when it comes to make-up /skin?

For me it has to be Penelope Cruz.  If you take a look at her being photographed casually or at events, she always plays up her best features! But, in the most classic and natural way!  Always rocks a beautiful brown smoked eye enhancing her dark features! Never decided to add much colour on eyes or go for ‘on trend’ looks!  She comes across to me as a lady comfortable in her own skin and is aging with such class. 

2- I completly agree and she seems very authentic , also, she's so smart. She has a point of view but doesnt seem to care whether she's popular or not.

 Are you a morning or night person - AND- what does your morning routine look like with two little ones?

I am a morning person! However with two little people in my life I find my skincare regimen blossoms more at night i.e when I have the time!!! Morning time I make sure I tone my skin every morning before applying my serum,  moisturiser and SPF!!!! Anything after that, is a bonus.  If I have the energy at night I may apply a good mask to exfoliated skin maybe twice a week! 

3- You and your hubby are going away for the weekend and you’re at the airport and remember you’ve forgotten your make top kit! You have nothing, not even a chapstick . You can only buy 2 products what are they?

Easy, for me I can go without all make up except my brows!!! They frame the face and I never go without them!!  So I buy my trusted Anastasia dip brow!! Great product and little goes a long way!! Another favourite product of mine and a all rounder is CHANEL les beiges tinted moisturiser. Class product to hydrate and give the most beautiful soft coverage on the skin and SPF30!!! Can’t go wrong!! 

4-Need to get that foundation- Chanel is my all time FAVE and the smell !!!  You always nail the brows, Also I must say for someone so pretty you are the least conceited person ever!  You always find something pretty about everyone you make up and really relax the client and make them feel good about themselves. 

Whats your  biggest pet peeve that you see woman making when it comes to make-up?

For me it has to be too much coverage. It doesn’t do any favours for anyone!! Less is always more with foundation. I think people need to learn more about how to use their concealers in the right places instead of packing on loads of foundation to achieve coverage! 

5-I use the Chanel highlighter face pen as concealor , I do think that and Macs studio fix powder, if you get the right colour, can get a girl out of most tricky situations.

 What are spending too much money on and what should we be spending more money on?

Too much money on make up in my opinion!! More money needs to be spent on skincare!! When your skin is in good condition and treated well with good effective products, most make up will look a whole lot better on!! 

6-Yes !

(And what you put into your body is as important as what you put on it.)

Pro tip for the  younger girl ?

Step away from the Matt matt foundation. And please take those eye brows handy .

7-Really re Matt ? Interesting. If I feel tired I do dewey and if I feel rested I do Matt. But those are my own strict rules and not for everyone. 

Pro tip for  the older girl?

Foundations that carry that beautiful luminous finish are always your best friend. They give you that beautiful glow without looking like your going to space!  They show of the skin and give you that ‘heathy look’

8-You've given me my dream skin so many times Edwina !

I know you’ve trained with the best in the world in London in skincare, is the expensive moisturiser always the best? Or should we be investing in the expensive cleanser?

Not always!!! Sometimes a lot of people waste their money on expensive moisturiser and they are not cleaning their skin properly!! Resulting in the moisturiser not being able to take its full effect! Investing in a good cleanser and toner and using them ensures we are helping to keep the pH balance of our skin in order.  A eye cream is vital.  The eye area is the first place we show signs of age and what has been going on in our lives! As the area around the eye is so delicate and thin we need to ensure it’s looked after! 

9- We are so on the same page here. I am a big beleiver in the double cleanse. 

Any tips for bronzer application, is it still the standard “3” each side of the face ?Seems tricky...I'm obsessed with the creamy Chanel bronzer -even if it is a little dark for me- the smell is B E Y O N D.

Fish face! Just look in the mirror and do a fish face to see the natural definition of your face! That should provide you with a Natural guide line on where to apply your bronzer! Do a little at first and then you can see as you gain confidence if you’d like a little more. Soleil tan de Chanel is a massive cult product but it lives up to is name. It’s a all rounder. I use it all over skin to warm up my foundation in a sun kissed way. I use to to contour over my foundation which applies beautifully.  It warms up with the oxygen levels in your own skin so will adjust in colour accordingly! 

 9-dewey or matt finish?

I guess it’s What skin type you have! For me I always love Dewey soft finish.  It gives that healthy look to the skin which I think is so attractive. 

10-What are you watching on Netflix (or what are you listening to on Spotify)

Jane the virgin!! Love it!! Music wise I listen to anything from Enya to Justin Bieber! I have a very mixed genre when it comes to music but I am a Irish traditional music girl at heart  

11- Yes I know you are! You were always a great favorite of my Dads. 

Do you look back before children and think God it used to be so easy to get out of the house ?Has it been an easy transition  and how do you stay motivated?

Oh stop, I mostly think to myself what did I ever do with all my time!!!! And how did I ever think I was busy!!! Even though I am just loving every second with my babies, I’m blessed! It’s busy busy but a good busy.  I find I love my free lance work and catching up with clients as I have that amazing work life balance at the moment! 

12-It has to help that they are just the most adorable children! I'm out the other end but  I do remember the mission in putting on a toddlers shoes (who didnt want them on ) with 9 minutes on the clock to catch a train. Fun times!

 What nail colours are coming through and what is your go-to?

Nude always a winner in my eyes! Matches everything wardrobe wise.  A short manicured nail with a good polish is perfection. There is a nude out there to suit everyone’s skin tone. 

13-Finaly, what is the best thing about living in Galway?

I would have to say it’s amazing coastline.  A walk to Renville point is my version of therapy! That sea air is massively re energising.

Edwina is now taking appointments for race week , though places are limited, contact her on 0861585509

Follow Edwina on @Edwinakellymakeup and Edwina Kelly Make Up on Facebook. 

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